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"It's not a club, that was just a great movie"

The UUCE "Breakfast Cluub" is an open group of younger church members and friends (college students, young professionals, young parents). The origin of the group was in 2009 when some people got together and named it the "breakfast cluub" after the group of misfits in the movie of the same name.

We get together regularly for potlucks, work parties, bowling, or at the park (strangely, not ever for breakfast yet except when we're camping). Other activities include caroling, and wine/italian soda tasting while sharing our favorite book titles, or discussing a currently relevant UU book. Events are open to anyone who's interested... it's not a club, that was just a great movie. Bring a friend anytime.

Some of us are in college or are working professionals; many of us have school-age kids. Overall, everyone enjoys being around kids or cheerfully accepts mild chaos at a majority of the events or will help pay a group babysitter if they choose to come to that event. For college-age folks: the 20s part of the group is growing, be involved! You can help organize activities like movie nights or happy hours.

Many people affiliated with this group serve on church committees and participate in the Religious Education program as well - this helps our age group be fully integrated into congregational life. If you don't do anything yet, jump in to help with coffee service - it's easy and fun!

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  • Feel free to post an invite on the BCluub list for an activity you've organized for the group, or for a hike. The list is moderated and we'll help check your message.
  • What' activites are happening?  Please continue to SCROLL DOWN the page.
  • Who's involved?  Please see the roster attached at the bottom of this page, and pelase consider coming to the next event yourself!


Current & upcoming activities 2013

Join the list-serv - that is how we will advertise events and activities in 2013-14!


Month --- Activity --- Organizer(s)

  • October.   Halloween Party!  Robin

Please consider helping to organize one activity this year. You would just team with an organizer to figure out some details, and you or a BCluub organizer would email the group as the event gets close.

Thank you, everyone. Looking forward to good times with you in the coming year, and to welcoming new people!


Activity ideas

Help make one happen!  We'll need a host and some basic details. Please contact one of our coordinators listed in the contact box above. Alternatively, just post a message to the list-serv and invite folks!

Anyone want to start and manage a BCluub facebook page?

Anytime activites: Movie night and/or slumber party at the church, Mt. Pisgah hike, Fruit picking, Cider Pressing party, gathering/potluck at someone's house, bowling at Southtowne Lanes, Science Factory

Winter activities w/kids: Sledding or inner-tubing up Hwy 58, dinner together afterward at Brewers Local 180 (English pub) in Oakridge (very kid-friendly place!)

Giving activites: River clean-up, Food for Lane County, Work party at church, presentation from local non-profit for option of getting involved (kids included).

Adult activites: Wine tasting, Ladies' night out, Guys' night, Snowshoeing at Gold Lake snow park, reading/discussion Emerson or other, spritual discussion with our minister on topic, reading and discussion group a la small group but just one or two nights, parenting discussion rountable with our RE director.  For adult activites: either help think of child care if possible, or just a subset of the Cluub w/out kids is fine too.


Past Activities - 2012-13

  • August, 2013- Camping Trip - Jason Dedrick, Heather Schantz-Mulford and Maren Petersen-DeGroff (August 22-25, Fall Creek)
  • February, 2013 - Sledding --Jason Kimball & Katy Siepert (Sat, Feb 9, Salt Creek Falls Sno Park)
  • January,2013 - Wine/cheese tasting with spiritual conversation -- Terri & Dan (Fri, Jan 18, evening)
  • December, 2012- Holiday caroling  --Leilani and Dave Saez (Fri, Dec 14th, 6pm)
  •  November 11, 2012- Papa's pizza (11th & Chambers).
  • October 14, 2012 - Second Sunday Fall potluck @ church
  • September 9 - 1:30 at Prince Puckler's, and then into Sunday Streets event until 4pm (google Sunday Streets Eugene to learn about event)
  • July 20 weekend - camping trip!
  • June 24 AND July 1 11:30 am - Papas Pizza (11th and Chambers) - Topic will be Camping trip planning, and you can sign up there.
  • 2nd Sunday work party April 15 at new church building
  • 2nd Sunday potluck March 11, 2012 at current church building.

Past Activities - 2009-2011

  • Caroling in new church neighborhood, December 21, 2011. Host: Leilani Saez
  • 2nd Sunday -October 9, November 13, December 11, January 8, - Work Party @ the new church building - Thank you 10-20+ people & adorable helpful kids!  Host Thea Cook!
  • 2nd Sunday - September - summer hiatus.
  • 2nd Sunday - Work Party - August 14 - 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. @ the new church building
  • 2nd Sunday - July 9 - skip, Oregon Country Fair weekend!
  • Summer camping trip!  July 15 weekend. Schwartz Campground@ Dorena Lake  Hosts: Dana Dedrick & Thea Cook & Ava Swanson
  • Sunday service with the Breakfast Cluub theme - June 26, 2011. Erik Troberg & Robin Schantz-Mulford
  • Wine Tasting & "Spiritual Maturity" Discussion from The Almost Church Revisited- June 18, 1:00 - 4:00 pm. Hosted by Scott & Abby Tuttle, and Lauren Fleshman (@ Dedrick's House): you don't have to drink to come and have a great time!  $5/taster. Babysitter included $5/kid. 
  • 2nd Sunday Potluck & Mixer @Tugman Park - June 12, 2011. Topic: camping ideas.
  • 2nd Sunday Work Party @ New church Building- May 15, 2011. 1-4 pm. Includes stuff for kids to do (ages 5+) and kindercare for the others at Dana's w/Dana & Christine. 
  • 2nd Sunday WorkParty @ New church Building- Apr 11, 2011. 1-4 pm. Includes stuff for kids to do (ages 5+) and kindercare for the others at Thea's.
  • 2nd Sunday Lunch @ church - Mar 13, 2011. Sharing what committees you are on...
  • 2nd Sunday Lunch @ church - Feb 13, 2011. Activity voting. Camping location input.
  • Christmas Caroling for new Church Neighborhood- Dec 21, 2011, 6:00 pm @the New Church (13th and Chambers). Host: Laura Lawver.
  • 2nd Sunday Lunch @ church - Oct 10, 1:00 p.m.
  • First Friday Art Walk, Downtown, Sept 2010
  • Camping at Blue Pool in Willamette National Forest - June 25-27, 2010 
  • PB&J Party at the Dedricks - Apr 11, 2010
  • Bowling at Southtown Lanes, Feb 21, 2010
  • Lunch at Putters - Jan 10, 2010
  • Christmas Caroling for Senior Center - Dec 2009
  • Potluck dinner at the Dedricks -Nov 14, 2009
  • Lunch at Mid Town Market - Nov 8, 2009

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