2015-2016 Annual Appeal

This church year we’ve seen where our visions can take us, how high we can go as Together We Rise. Every program has been strengthened--music, religious education, and worship. And our Board of Trustees is collaborating with staff and congregants alike to clarify new ways to govern ourselves.

Turn a corner and you will see an art gallery showcasing community art. Wander the halls and you’ll note all kinds of groups meeting. Open the doors of the Chapel and new forms of worship await you. But that’s just our physical space, the building. What spiritual changes might you rise to?

A new church year brings fresh hopes and dreams. How can we build on our accomplishments, nurture our beloved community, grow within ourselves? In short, how can we fully live our values?

This is why we come together. This is how we intertwine. Working with each other, loving one another, sustaining our faith--Together We Rise!


We are home, in a building shaped by our own toil and treasure. Here we speak to one another of our communal aspirations, as distilled through the year's Dreamcatcher process:

As a people of faith, grounded in our principles, we cultivate lives of meaning, reverence and depth; we create sanctuary where all hands are held; we act together toward justice, healing and sustainability. 

Financial Stewardship                                               

We share our time and money. We share what we can in light of what is needed. Financial sharing is a gift of faith in what we are supporting, a commitment to uphold what we are creating, and a reward for our generosity. Each of us can take pleasure in contributing to the active life of the Church as it sustains us and reaches out to others. 

Making a Financial Commitment                                             

A financial commitment each year ensures our Church's programs, services, and physical space. Our giving allows us a spiritual home in which we celebrate our togetherness in loving and transformative ways. Our giving provides an environment in which we can build relationships, renew our vision and translate it into action. Our giving makes possible clean, safe and functional spaces in which we educate our children, soar in worship, revive our spiritual energies, and celebrate in song.

Make and Renew Pledges

Pledging is our traditional means for expressing our financial commitment to our Church. Each year at this time the Church gathers our individual pledges. Guidelines for Fair Share Giving (see attachment below) are available to help you decide how much is right for you to pledge.

The money that is pledged, in combination with other sources of revenue, informs the Church budget for the following year. You can pledge in three ways:

Download, print and complete a Pledge Form and an Automatic Withdrawal Form (see attachments below). The forms can be returned to the Church office either by mail – or in person.


Download, print and complete the Pledge Form (see attachments below). Make pledge payment(s) using PayPal. Deliver completed Pledge Form to UUCE in person or by mail.


Download, print and complete the Pledge Form (see attachments below). Indicate another means of payment, then mail or deliver the completed Pledge Form to the church.


This year's financial appeal is a process of rejoicing and reflecting on the many ways we support and nurture ourselves and one another.  Having made a commitment to financially support our church, we will celebrate on Sunday, April 19, with a scrumptious brunch immediately following our morning service. Any who have not yet returned their pledges, or wish to raise their pledges, will have an opportunity to do so that day. 

** RSVP for the Brunch:  Tell us how many of you will come and if you will need vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options.  Send your RSVP to assistant@uueugene.org  by Wednesday, April 8. 

Judy Shaw  541/434-2462 
2015-16 Financial Stewardship Chair  



    Graphics courtesy UUCE Children's Religious Education Program        .   


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