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10 Reasons for Being Part of a UU Congregation
(contributed by member: Maren Peterson-DeGroff) 

  1. As free thinking people, we do not need a creed or a common belief system to gather, dialogue, be friends and enjoy sharing with others our wonder in the Sacredness and Mystery of Life.

  2. Deepening our present lives by exploring, with open hearts and minds, our religious and spiritual roots, as well as the great truths found in traditions that may be new to us.

  3. The inspiration of being part of a long tradition of intellectual reason, with a liberal religious message of tolerance and social justice, which we are proud of and want to spread further.

  4. As social, sometimes fragile, beings, we need and seek supportive community that holds us when we are falling, and want to lift up others the same way.

  5. We support the personal search for truth, beauty and revelation of mystery, but still want a shared expression and celebration of our journey.

  6. For deepening our children's joy, compassion, questioning minds, so they can follow their individual paths, and carry the flame of religious tolerance and inclusion.

  7. We don't define some people or lifestyles as "diverse"; we are a human family, brothers and sisters, each expressing our own truths.

  8. We hold ourselves responsible to live in harmony and respect within the interconnected web of Life, and value the planet Earth, her ecosystems and all beings.

  9. We know it is easier creating justice and peace when shared as a group, and we are committed to creating positive change and helping the most vulnerable in our world.

  10. No one in the human family ought to feel isolated or misunderstood, not accepted, ignored, or ridiculed; Unitarian Universalist communities are a saving place, and our attendance, participation, membership, and stewardship of these communities is its own work of welcome, inclusion and affirmation of worth for anyone who is in need of it.




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