Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene
Empowered by love, we transform ourselves and serve our world


Welcome to the continuing search for your truths in rich collaboration with a community that encourages deep connections and working together.

Unitarian Universalism is a non-creedal religion that values each person’s worth and dignity in every way of life, standing on the side of love.

As a community we strive toward social outreach to support health care, food access, safety and inclusion of people who are marginalized, and sufficient shelter and housing.

Our social and learning groups provide a sense of belonging, friendships, discovery, and supporting families of all kinds.

The opportunities for worship, meditation and ritual encourages self-awareness, an open and questioning mind, deepening connection to the spirit of life, and personal growth.

Welcome to the positive celebration values of peace, humility, ethical living, respect, interconnectedness with the web of life, compassion, hope, and justice. 

Welcome Home.


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Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene, Oregon
1685 West 13th at Chambers, Eugene, Oregon  97402  

Office hours 9am-4pm Tuesday-Friday
  For website issues, contact webteam@uueugene.org